Aquarium Cleaning Services

Like most people, I find watching the lazy and quiet underwater realm of a big aquarium exceptionally calming.MICHAEL DIRDA

An aquarium is meant to be exceptionally calming and relaxing, a great value add in your home. This beauty though is not always easy to sustain, the luxury of an amazing aquarium view and healthy fishes, comes the responsibility of keeping your aquarium clean.

Cleaning an aquarium is important in keeping toxins and germs away from your fishes. When ignored, the waste of the fish rots and uneaten food quickly build up to release ammonia in your aquarium, causing your fish to get sick. The frequency of cleaning tanks depend on the size, but each week, at least a partial water change is important.

Although the process of cleaning aquariums is critical to the health and quality of your fish, we understand that not everyone has the time, knowledge or in many cases, the patience to clean aquarium each week. At we care and believe each aquarium deserves to be at its best, and that’s why we do more than just selling Discuses. We make time to visit your home for one time, occasional or frequent cleaning services—it all depends on your preferences and needs.

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Stay tuned and contact us to learn about aquarium cleaning services that we will be offering so that you too can keep your Discus fish healthy and happy. 

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