Aquarium Supplies

After you purchase a Discus, it is critical that you keep them in aquariums that mimic the surrounding and conditions of their natural habitat. Variables such as temperature, pH levels, and other factors need to be set correctly and sustained to be able to consistently keep Discus fish happy and healthy. That is why we offer you expert consultation and aquarium cleaning services—we are dedicated to helping you with the aftercare of these stunning fishes so that you can keep enjoying the wonders of the big waters.

Whether you keep Discus fishes or not, your aquarium supply is key in helping you maintain happy, healthy fishes. Many people get frustrated, not knowing which supplies to purchase or how to use them, which then affects the quality of their fish.

When fish are frustrated, you become stressed too which then defeats the whole purpose of keeping an aquarium. Ask us about the supplies you need before buying as many people either underspend or overspend on supplies—both are not productive.

Here are some supplies that your aquarium will need:

  • Filter:
  • Heater: they help you maintain a steady temperature for your fish so that they don’t get sick or frustrated.
  • Air pump: it helps to blow air in your aquarium so that there is enough oxygen and also helps to push water through your filter.
  • Thermometer:
  • stand: this is the surface which holds your aquarium. You can get one with storage space which then helps you have all your needed equipment and food fish within quick reach.
  • powerhead: this is a water pump that stays inside water, and helps the water circulate in your aquarium.
  • Net: you will need a net specifically to reach into your aquarium so that you can pull fish out safely when needed.
  • Bucket: this for cleaning purposes used to add or remove water from/into your aquarium.
  • Hood: it will prevent your fish from flying out of your aquarium tank. It’s also helpful in reducing how quickly water evaporates from your aquarium, helping you maintain your aquarium better.
  • Lights: lights can be used for decor purposes. Apart from the beauty element that it adds, it can also be used as a source of energy for your aquarium plants if you have any.
  • Gravel: one of its top uses is also for decor purposes.

Stay tuned and contact us to learn which types of aquarium supplies we will be offering in our shop so that you too can keep your Discus and other fish healthy and happy. 

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