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0 items - $0.00 0 is a live tropical fish store—your one-stop for premium, quality and healthy Discus fishes in the Toronto Area. We have a wide inventory, from red maps, pairs, red melons and more.

Our mission is to be the number one provider of quality Discus fishes nationwide”

~ Farhad Ishmael, founder of


Our mission is to be the number one provider of quality Discus fishes nationwide, but we can not do this alone. We know that it takes a community, a team to make this happen and so we are constantly thinking of ways we can interact with you to create win-wins. Which of the options below suits you best?


For those who are interested in buying several of our fish and decide on a larger quantity than the normal purchases, we will offer a discount. If you intend to buy more than 5 of our Discus fish, contact us to discuss how to get a coupon to you.


If you know of people who have aquariums and would love to add Discuses to their collection, refer them to us. In return, we will reward you with a percentage of the overall purchase made. We’d love your help in making people’s aquariums feel magical with our Discus fish.


Although we have not yet launched an official volunteer program, let us know if you are interested in spending time learning practically from our expert services. Responsibilities include spreading the word about us, helping out at our store, accompanying us for our aquarium cleaning services and more. We will keep you in mind and update you as soon as we launch our volunteer program.

If you are interested in any of the 3 ways to get involved, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!