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About Our Discus Fishes

Frequently asked questions about our Discus fishes

Where do your fishes come from?

Our Discus fishes are bred in natural farms, in Asia.

Which types of fishes do you sell?

We specialize in and have a wide inventory of Discus fishes, from red maps, pairs, red melons, and others. Visit our shop to learn more.

What makes your fishes different from other stores?

We care about helping you create your dream aquarium so quality fish are our priority.

Our Discus fishes are bred in healthy environments and once we import them, we make sure that we take great care of them for two whole weeks. We feed and assess that they are ready for your aquarium before we release them for sale.

To make sure you have the support to continue taking great care of them and having a beautiful experience, we offer you our aftercare consultation, aquarium cleaning, and Discus food supplies. See our service page for more info.

Where are you located and what are your hours?

We are based at 776 Dundas Street East, Mississauga. Ontario

Please contact us via Facebook for our availability.

See you there!

Pricing & Refund Policies

Please read our purchase policies before buying our fish. Policies will apply once a purchase is successful.

Why Do the Same Type of Fish Differ in Pricing?

Discus fish come in a variety of colors and sizes. Pricing even for the exact type and color of fish differ in pricing due to their size. Some also pair up, meaning they can breed many other discus fish, and that heightens their market value. If you have any concerns about the price you were charged for the discus you bought online or at our store, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why some of the discus fish cost vary?

Discus fish come are stunning to look at in an aquarium, and their size/beauty is one of the reasons they cost more than other regular fish. In addition, they take time to breed, grow, and feeding them is costlier than other fishes. Also, their demand is higher than the local supply available.

They are very worth their cost though and add a touch in an aquarium that other regular fish don’t. If your aquarium lacks that special touch to it, a Discus fish is what you’d want to add

Can I get a refund if I no longer want your fish?

You are welcome to ask as many questions and assess our fish before you purchase. But once we have sold our fish to you, your purchase is not refundable. We take great care of our fish environment and will not risk bringing back fish who have been in environments unknown to us.

They are very worth their cost though and add a touch in an aquarium that other regular fish don’t. If your aquarium lacks that special touch to it, a Discus fish is what you’d want to add.

what if your fish are sick or die soon after I buy them?

It’s possible for fish to die or get sick once you put them in your aquarium—as there are many variables unknown to us in your environment that can affect the fish.

Our aquariums are fully quarantined, we have a no return and refund policy for any sick or dead fish once it has been introduced to another aquarium system.

Do you quarantine your fishes?

Yes, all our new inventory go through a quarantine process of a couple of weeks. We only put fishes for sales once we are satisfied with their health condition.

Can you ship across the country?

This is a common one, yes we do offer shipping services across the country. Our shipping charges are calculated when you checkout from the shop page. If you require more details on shipping, please contact us at

What are your policies on long distance shipping?

The packaging of our fishes is done by putting the health of the fish first. We do our due diligence to ensure a healthy fish is delivered at your doorstep as we work with major airlines in the country and we emphasize on the sensitivity of the product

If however, the shipment is delivered on time but you receive a dead fish on arrival, please email us a picture of the fish and we will offer a store credit.

If you did not find what you are looking for please free to contact us via our form or email us at