About Our Founder & History

Farhad has been a fish keeper since the age of 6. Over the years he has owned and kept aquariums. The love for discus started back in 2010 after visiting a couple of aquarium stores. He felt in love with this fish and took a deep interest how to keep them. Through out the years he has gained a lot of experience in keeping, breeding, maintaining healthy discus. He has received a lot of recommendation via social media on his Facebook group GTA discus and exotics. He is the heart and soul of aquatopia.ca

Farhad would volunteer his time and energy in aquarium stores and activities and has always wanted more.

One day, while driving on the 401 highway going to visit a couple of fish stores in Markham, Farhad and I (Daud) talked about the possibility of one day having a fish store. The idea excited us and we quickly thought of things that we would need to achieve this goal. There was excitement in the air, and talks of location, number of equipment, inventory, manpower, licenses, and other needed paperwork. 

The energy was great and so we decided to meet again for dinner and re-assess the goal, we wrote down everything that we needed and how much investments will be required. We quickly realized that a lot of investment and it is risky for a little start-up.

We decided to start small and build along, we quickly invested for one shipment 5 boxes to test the product and the market as well.  The first shipment wasn’t a good business decision, the fishes were great but hard to sell based on the lack of varieties in our inventory. This hiccup was followed by another poor decision of purchasing very high-end fishes which we later realized there was very little demand. We learned from our mistakes, recovered, and ordered a second shipment.

We have grown so much as a business and we have received shipments on a monthly basis with the goal to grow even further. We are based in Mississauga and we do our diligence and select suppliers and breeders that have quality products. Our end goal is to be recognized for having quality and healthy discus in the region. We have served clients from London, ON, North of Sudbury and as far as Ottawa area. 

Currently we are based at 776 Dundas Street East, Mississauga. Ontario. See you soon!

Our team is available from 10 a.m to 6 pm every day for online inquiries.

Visit our store during weekends 11 a.m to 4 pm or book an appointment with us for a weekday store visit.

See you there!

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