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Whether you keep fishes for personal enjoyment or as a pet for your kids, an aquarium is more than just buying fish. It's about creating a lasting experience.

An aquarium with beautiful Discus fishes allows you the space to get lost in an enchanting and relaxing world. It also provides you an Opportunity to bond and build memories with your visitors and family. And that's our specialty.

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We have a wide inventory, of Discus fishes—from Red Maps, Pairs, Red Melons and also Wild Discus. Book an appointment to visit us at our store during a weekday or just drop by between 10 am to 4 pm weekends.

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Farhad is my number one go-to guy when I want to buy fish or need some quick consultation about fishes.


Don’t mess around with all these other places. Just get a hold of Farhad he will get the best fish for you hands down.

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Farhad has quality fish in the GTA area

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We've served clients locally in Toronto, from London ON, North of Sudbury and as far as Ottawa area. Our primary market is within Ontario, but shipping nationwide is also available upon request.

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We offer a full line of professional Discus and aquarium services. We help you create and sustain a magical aquarium experience. Which of our services do you need?

helping you build an experience


Aquatopia is more than just another fish store. We care about your overall experience before and after you buy our Discus fish.

We are dedicated to breeding and selling not only beautiful but quality and healthy Discus fishes. We are also here for you AFTER you buy our fishes, by bringing consultation and aquarium cleaning services right to your doorstep soon.

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