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We guarantee all the saltwater fish and corals we ship will arrive at your door alive! Order with confidence, we got you covered !


With over 5 years experience and thousands of Fresh & Saltwater fish shipped across Canada we have become Canada’s leading online coral and saltwater fish destination

” The largest specialized Discus store in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We offer the top quality and great selection of Discus fish. “

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Highly recommend Aquatopia for their wide selection of healthy discus. Farhad is extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful in selecting my discus. The water is clean and the discus are kept healthy by each tank having its own system. In addition, the price was very fair for the order I made. Looking forward to ordering more discus.

Justin Mario / Facebook

Great quality discus, direct shipping to my local airport and good communication. We cannot wait to get another shipment from Aquatopia 🙂

Fox Lishka / Facebook

I got some really nice and healthy discus from Aquatopia. Farhad is very knowledgeable and patient. My discus were having some trouble adjusting so he spent a good 30 minutes on a video call with me and suggested few things so my discus would feel comfortable. So not only did he sell me discus but also supported me after the purchase.

Taha Najam / Facebook